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  • Do tattoo hurt?
    Yes! But in a good way. The brain releases endorphins when your body is in pain in order for you to keep going.
  • How much does a tattoo cost?
    The cost of your tattoo depends on a number of factors including size, placement, skin type, and whether or not the tattoo is color or black and grey. For smaller tattoos, we will generally quote you a price upfront. Our shop minimum is $70.00. For larger tattoos your artist may quote you an hourly rate (at each artists discretion).
  • How much are piercings?
    Basic piercings start at $60.00 (Nose, Labret, Navel, Eyebrow, Outer Cartilage) For other piercings, click here.
  • Do I need an appointment?
    Walk-ins are always welcome! No appointment is necessary for smaller designs. However, if you're interested in a larger tattoo, we suggest coming in and speaking with an artist ahead of time about your ideas. Appointments are suggested for anyone who wants a custom design. Your artist will take a non-refundable deposit before an appointment is set. Your deposit is applied towards the total cost of the tattoo.
  • I am under 18, can I get a tattoo or piercing if my parents sign the consent form for me?"
    YES! We do allow minors to get tattooed or pierced with parental consent. Here are our requirements: -You must have a parent or legal guardian present with you. -You must have a valid state issued photo ID or current years school ID -Your parent must have a valid state issued photo ID -You must bring in the original birth certificate - No photocopies please! Your name on the birth certificate and ID must match. Your parents must present their ID or Drivers License and the name on their ID must match the name on the birth certificate as well in order to prove they are your parent. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • How should I prepare for my tattoo?
    We highly recommend that you eat a meal shortly before you arrive for your appointment. Drink plenty of water prior to your appointment as well. If you start to feel dizzy, it helps to drink soda to get some sugar into your system. From our experiences, it's best to not come in after a hard night of partying. Alcohol can thin your blood and can prolong bleeding for up to a full day after your tattoo. Extra blood can tend to mix with our inks, which will affect the end appearance of your fully healed work.

Tattoo Information

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