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Davantie Mckenzie



If you told me three years ago i would be a tattoo artist, I would have never believed you.


When i took Millz and Fame’s order in the McDonald’s drive through there was immediate chemistry he appreciated the way i took his order and i appreciated him gassing me up a little, i never thought that conversation would get me the best tattoo mentor possible, a second mom, and a second family full of people who love me and only want to see me do great; and here i am three years later with all of those things. 


When Fame first hired me as a manager at the original eminence i had never stepped foot in a tattoo shop and now the only shop i have stepped foot in is eminence simply because i don’t think any shop can match the vibe that eminence gave, it really just feels like a home.


I’m originally from Bridgeport Connecticut i came to Willimantic to attend eastern Connecticut state university for a degree in communication, while I’m still working towards that slowly but surely, my communication skills have already gotten me a job where i love what i do and get to make people happy every day. 


My number one goal in life has always been and always will be to make my mother proud, even though my whole family is very Jamaican so  that may seem like a tall task at times but I know she’s proud of the man I’m becoming.


When I’m not tattooing my hobbies include drawing, playing or watching basketball, cooking, playing 2k (Psn Globalvantie), and watching TikToks. Catch me on ink master season 30!


Friday-Sunday & Tuesday-Wednesday: 11:45 am - 9:00 pm

Monday and Thursday : OFF



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