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Austin Slowik


Austin Slowik is an aspiring and talented professional artist who was born and raised in northeastern Connecticut. Currently, he operates out of Eminence Ink, a family-owned and operated studio, in Willimantic, CT. Austin began drawing at a young age. His passion for art and drawing was as apparent as his talent. In school, Austin won awards from several art shows and earned scholarships for his artwork and photography.


Before starting his career as a tattoo artist, Austin studied Fine Arts at Norwich Free Academy and the University of Hartford. After deciding to drop out of college, he worked for a screen-printing company, printing shirts and installing vinyl on vehicles. However, his creativity was not satisfied, so he continued searching for a career which would allow him to express and strengthen his artistic abilities.


He created a clothing company called Garbage Brand and designed t-shirts to fund trips to ride and film BMX.  As the brand progressed, he had the pleasure of meeting Fame and Millz through local skatepark events. It was Fame and Millz who showed him the infinite possibilities that tattooing holds. Since he joined the Eminence family, he has spent every day progressing his artwork and learning more about tattooing. 



His artistic style relies on (bold colors, sharp contrasts..) and intricate line work. He specializes in large-scale Japanese tattooing, bold-colored New School tattoos, and any sort of lettering! Though he makes a constant effort to specialize in all tattoo styles, Austin strives to create and tattoo custom pieces. He collaborates with his clientele to create the ideal piece of art for their body, striving for perfection in this competitive industry. This has allowed him to exercise creativity and grow a repertoire of original artwork.


Whether it's tattooing, drawing, or photographing, Austin is always exploring and expanding his creative endeavors. His tattoo artwork can be viewed on his Instagram (@ambitinaustous), and all his other artistic endeavors can be perused on @garbagebrand


Hopefully I have the opportunity to make a cool tattoo for you that we are both going to love forever!

Saturday-Wednesday : 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Thursday-Friday : OFF


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