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Anthony Mackabee

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 My name is Anthony Machabee,  I’ve been tattooing about 5 years across Connecticut.  I’m a multi-medium artist mostly through tattooing, graphite’s, charcoals, sculpting, resin casting, painting , graphic design, digital art and graffiti. My art tends to have a fascination with Life and Death, pain and happiness. Life is about balance, I try to achieve this balance with a approach to the dark side of beauty.


Tattooing to me is helping my clients achieve their vision of their physical evolution. I want to help you become who you want the world to perceive you as. Wether you want to be head to toe covered, or a dime sized memory, I will be the artist for you. 

Friday-Tuesday : 12:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Wednesday-Thursday : OFF



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