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1. Try not to touch or play with the tooth gem over the next 12 hours

2. Do not eat or chew gum for one hour after application

3. You can drink immediately after application

4. If your tooth gem falls off within three days of application, please call us to have your gem replaced for no charge. 

5. Tooth gems can last anywhere between four months to a year. If you are ready to remove your tooth gem before it naturally falls off, call us and we will be happy to remove or replace it for you.

6. If your tooth gem falls off and you swallow it, don't worry. The gems have no sharp edges so it will come out without harm to your body.

7. The tooth gem will not affect your normal dental hygiene, brushing, flossing, and you can still have your teeth cleaned by a dentist. 

8. You may feel the gem on the inside of your lip for the first few days. Give it time, you will become used to it. 

Tooth Gem After Care Instructions 

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