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Tory Roberts


My name is Tory Roberts and before tattooing I had every career you could imagine, a 600 lb bench press, and more gym memberships than any human being should ever own. My life was bodybuilding but at the same time I never stopped being an artist. After I walked away from the sport to focus on art I discovered wood burning and began doing it professionally. I love it but Im also someone who never wanted to stop growing or trying new mediums, so tattooing felt like the perfect career to get into.


Now that I’m in this world it’s great to see how beautiful the art can be and the impact it can have on peoples lives. I look forward to growing as an artist and I’ve found a great home to push my creativity even further. Also the biggest part of my world is my dog Trooper and I do everything I can to give him the best life. 


Saturday - Tuesday & Thursday: 11:45 am - 9:00 pm

Wednesday & Friday : OFF


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