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Microblading After-care Instructions

•Please wipe brows and reapply ointment before bed the day of your appointment. *

-instructions below-


Days 1-7

TWICE A DAY MORNING + NIGHT: Use a very gentle cleanser with NO acids or exfoliants. Mix with warm water and gently wipe the area clean. You may also use witchazel instead of a gentle cleanser (this method does not require water or rinsing) ONCE DRY: apply half a “rice grain” amount of aftercare ointment to each brow. DO NOT OVER APPLY! 


After 7 days you may use your normal face cleanser as desired. Please note using cleansers with acids, exfoliants, or retinols may affect the longevity of your brows. 



  • Do not put ANYTHING on your brows for the first 10 days besides your cleanser/aftercare. This includes sunscreen, moisturizers, makeup, etc. 

  • If you are out in the sun, wear a hat. Do not go tanning 4 weeks after your perfecting appointment. Long term sun/tanning will affect your permanent makeup. 

  • Do not heavily exercise for seven days, particularly if you get excessively sweaty. 

  • DO NOT pick, scratch, rub the area. Try your best to not touch the area at all unless you are cleansing and applying aftercare ointment. 

  • Avoid swimming, hot tubs, steam showers, and excessive rinsing for 10 days. Keep your face out of the water for the majority of your shower. 

  • Avoid sleeping on your face for 10 days and maintain a clean pillowcase. 

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